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GAMEOVER CCA is accepting donations to help sponsor local events. If you would like to be part of the staff please email us at [email protected]

Local meet and greet
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Goal: $1000.00 | Raised: $15.00 Started: February 29, 2012
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Help GAMEOVER CCA  raise enough money to sponser a local meet and greet event.

Food, music, cars, and fun at a local spot for everyone!


Top Donors

  1. Johnny Sicoli - $10.00
  2. Pete Setzer - $5.00


  • "I Bought a 7in flipout dvd player With the intentions of installing it myself...When I wasn't able to, GAMEOVER CCA was there to help!! Thanks guys! "
    Josh Stevens
  • "Thanks for a great deal! I was able to get more for less with you then a bigbox retail store!, Thanks again."
    Steve Wallard
  • "Very impressive prices, and my expectations were well exceeded!! thanks again guys."
    Jason Newert